Urgent appeal: Help build a beautiful Catholic school in Gabon, Africa!

With kind permission from Rev. Canon H. Fragelli, we reproduce here his latest correspondence with us, seeking generous souls to help build a Catholic school in Gabon, Africa!

Dear Friend of the Mission,
I sent you, last week, 17 pictures of the beginning of the building of our school. (TLMS Note: Feel free to send us a note via email, tlmofsf@gmail.com , and we will be happy to forward the pics to you)

Allow me to share with you one more:

The first school bench made at the Mission’s Carpentry Shop.

I am sending you as well the School’ logo. Like it?

Did you get my previous email? (with the 17 pictures?)
* For those that donated: a BIG, BIG thank you.
* To those that promised to donate: a kind reminder.
* For those that haven’t donated: Please!!!
as we will have to stop the school construction in two weeks due to lack of funds. We are praying for a miracle so that this fall 500 children may have a beautiful Catholic School. That miracle could be you!
God bless you always!
Cn. Fragelli

Please visit www.friendsofthemissions.com to make a donation! God bless your generosity!

Mission Report #8 (Institute Missions in Mouila, Gabon, Africa)


Photo Credit: Friendsofthemissions.com

It has been awhile, but we have just received the latest Mission Report #8 (PDF). These mission reports highlight the restoration efforts of the Mission Saint Therese of the Infant Jesus in Mouila, Gabon, Africa, written by Rev. Canon Henry Fragelli. Canon Fragelli briefly served the Institute Apostolate of St. Margaret Mary’s in Oakland a few months from late 2011-2012. The archive of his Mission Reports can be viewed at the Friends of the Missions website (https://friendsofthemissions.com/).