Urgent appeal: Help build a beautiful Catholic school in Gabon, Africa!

With kind permission from Rev. Canon H. Fragelli, we reproduce here his latest correspondence with us, seeking generous souls to help build a Catholic school in Gabon, Africa!

Dear Friend of the Mission,
I sent you, last week, 17 pictures of the beginning of the building of our school. (TLMS Note: Feel free to send us a note via email, tlmofsf@gmail.com , and we will be happy to forward the pics to you)

Allow me to share with you one more:

The first school bench made at the Mission’s Carpentry Shop.

I am sending you as well the School’ logo. Like it?

Did you get my previous email? (with the 17 pictures?)
* For those that donated: a BIG, BIG thank you.
* To those that promised to donate: a kind reminder.
* For those that haven’t donated: Please!!!
as we will have to stop the school construction in two weeks due to lack of funds. We are praying for a miracle so that this fall 500 children may have a beautiful Catholic School. That miracle could be you!
God bless you always!
Cn. Fragelli

Please visit www.friendsofthemissions.com to make a donation! God bless your generosity!

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