Walk for Life West Coast — (UPDATES; 2 Traditional Latin Masses!)


Walk for Life

This Saturday at 12:30 at Civic Center Plaza
(Polk Street across from City Hall)

We’re off and running! Walk for Life West Coast will be here in 3 days! Are you ready to join with us? We are getting ready to welcome the many thousands of you who will descend upon San Francisco in these coming days! We are excited to welcome you to our beautiful city as we all come together to Walk for Life!

We unite ourselves today in a special way with all those who are at the March for Life in D.C. on this 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade. As was said by Star Parker, one of our past WFL Speakers: “We stand again. We unite with the West Coast, the East Coast, the middle of the country, we stand again and say it may be legal, but it is not lawful!”

Since the media is consistently ignoring us, we would like to make it hard for them to do so this year. We ask that all of you take out your cell phones at the Rally and tweet that you are at the Walk for Life with 50,000 other people. In the tweet, beside including our own hash tag #WalkForLife, you should include @CNN @FoxNews @ USAToday, etc. If we have thousands of people showing these media outlets that we’re here, they can’t ignore us! So get ready by downloading Twitter to your phones and learn how to send those tweets! It will be great fun.

As a reminder, while you are doing the Walk down Market Street, keep an eye out for our WFL Banners that line the poles. They are a wonderful sight to behold!

We are very happy to welcome these wonderful Speakers for the WFL Rally on Saturday!  Shari Rigby (Actress, October Baby); Grace Dulaney (Agnes Dei Foundation/Lamb of God Ranch); Monica Snyder (Secular Pro Life); and Rev. Clenard Childress (Director of LEARN) who has been with us as a Rally Speaker since we first began in 2005.

And, we are really delighted and honored to welcome back so many of our past WFL Speakers who have come to celebrate our 10th Anniversary with all of us. This year we will have some of our past speakers introducing this year’s speakers. Star Parker (CURE) will introduce Rev. Childress;  Fr. Frank Pavone (Priests for Life) will introduce Monica Snyder; Mother Agnes Mary Donovan, SV (Superior General of the Sisters of Life) will introduce Grace Dulaney; and Abby Johnson (Author, Speaker, and Pro Life activist) will introduce Shari Rigby. Also in attendance will be Georgette Forney (Silent No More); David Bereit (40 Days for Life); Fr. Joseph Fessio SJ (Ignatius Press and the WFL Chaplain); Dr. Vansen Wong, MD (OB-GYN); Frank Lee (Asian Americans Pro Life);  Mary and Michael John Poirier (Prayerbreaks Ministries);  Sally Winn (Feminists for Life of America); Diana Nagy (Singer);  Alfredo Abarca (Hispanic Pro Life activist);  Walter and Lori Hoye (Issues 4Life Foundation); and Vickie Evans (Respect Life Office of the Archdiocese of San Francisco).

Make sure to spend some time at the Info Faire which will be open at 11:00am. There will be 2 tents on either side of the EWTN stage which will feature numerous Pro Life ministries, professional organizations, resource centers, and groups.  Some past WFL Rally Speakers will have tables:  David Bereit will be at the 40 Days for Life table; Mother Agnes Donovan, SV; and Sally Winn of Feminists for Life of America will also have a table. To check out the entire list of exhibitors, go here.

NOTE: The Traditional Latin Mass Society of San Francisco will be at table #20 of Tent One (facing toward Grove Street and the EWTN Stage – see layout below):

layout (1)

We are very pleased to report that over 40,000+ people participated in our sister Pro Life Event in Paris on Sunday.  David Bereit of 40 Days for Life was one of their keynote speakers!

We once again encourage you to make this pilgrimage to the Walk for Life in a spirit of solidarity and charity and prayerfulness. Please follow the instructions given by police and our security volunteers.You are welcome to make and carry your own pro-life signs, or carry one of our signs. However, please do not bring any kind of graphic signs or materials. Thank you for your consideration about this!
Please do not interact in confrontational disputes with counter-protesters. Let us show our spirit of love and understanding to all that we encounter during these days!

We are pleased to announce that we now expect to have approximately 200 buses coming to this year’s event. Although past the published deadline, if you haven’t already done so please register your group’s bus today.

As mentioned above, before and throughout the Walk for Life, we will be Tweeting!

Please “like” our Facebook page and ask your relatives and friends to join.

To keep up-to-date and receive all of the latest news, please sign up for our email blasts.

Other things to keep in mind, if you are going to the Walk:

Below is the Route Map for the official Walk from Civic Center Plaza down to Justin Herman Plaza. We suggest that you use Mapquest to get the particular directions from your home to Civic Center Plaza. 

WFL 2012_WalkingRoute

It is recommended (and convenient) to use public transit at this location at Civic Center Plaza: 

BART has stations at Civic Center and at the end at Embarcadero.
CalTrain will drop off at Townsend and 4th. Take MUNI KT (4th and King), then off at Metro Civic Center.
Parking: There is easy, affordable and ample parking under the Civic Center and many other surrounding parking lots.

Before and after the Walk for Life West Coast, there will be TWO Traditional Latin Masses (Extraordinary Form); one is at 10 AM (Cristo Rey) and the other will be at 5PM (Shrine of St. Francis):



For those helping to man the TLM Society table, as well as for those joining us at the walk itself, please see the additional instructions / reminders:

1) Please do not block off nor barricade the area around your table.  The table space that is provided to you, is the area for you to display your offerings and materials.  Also, we cannot allow you to bring your own display racks, etc. – all groups must use the WFL tables that are provided.
2) As of today, the projected forecast looks very good, sunny, and clear.  The tent only covers the top — there is nothing on the sides, so bring paperweights for papers, etc.  in case the winds pick up.   As you know, the weather in SF can change quickly.  I don’t expect that it will get cold or foggy, but it’s a good idea to have a warm jacket or windbreaker and perhaps a sun hat or visor if it gets too hot.  It’s best to be prepared! 
3) Many of you offer all types of information at your tables. Some also have items such as CD’s and T-Shirts.  Please remember that you cannot (under any circumstances) sell any items at your tables. You can ask for donations, but that is all. We do not have any permits for vendors to be selling, so please comply with this. Please be aware that a number of vendors in the past have had their donation cans / boxes stolen that they put out on their tables.  So, it’s suggested that you keep a close eye on your donation box and empty it frequently.
4) If you notice that someone takes over a table and is not a registered WFL vendor, please let John or Judy know. We cannot allow this as we don’t know who they are, or what they represent. Also, it is not fair to everyone else who has gone through this process and has registered and paid. So again, should anyone approach your group and ask to share your table space or claim to have reserved a table, please tell them that you’re not able to do this and direct them to John or Judy.
5) PLEASE NOTE:  Walk for Life West Coast WILL NOT be responsible for anything that you leave at the tables either before, during, or after the WFL event.
6) Please bring heavy paper weights to hold down your paper materials as it can get very windy. Do not attempt to bring any free standing banners or racks to be placed in front of your tables — there is no room for them. All the tables are placed one next to the other. The banners will not stand up to the wind, and you would block access to the tables as the people move from table to table. You might want to have some metal or heavy plastic magazine type holders for your materials and brochures. It would also be a good idea to bring heavy tape and string if you plan to decorate your table a bit.
7) The “official” end time for the WFL Info Faire is 12:30 p.m.  However, if you wish to keep your tables open during the WFL Rally, you may do so.  Immediately after the Rally, people will start to clear the Plaza. So, if there is not much business you may want to start clearing your tables a bit before 1:30 p.m.Then you can partake with everyone else in doing the Walk down Market Street.
8) Clean-Up: Please take with you whatever materials of yours that are left over — otherwise they will be thrown out! There has been a lot of trash left over in past years that our crew has had to clean up.  Please help us out and bring plastic bags with you for your trash, and dispose of your own boxes.
9) If any problems arise on the day of the event, please speak with John Watkins (Tent One Coordinator) and he will assist you. John’s cell phone number is:  (510) 205-1982

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